Revolutionize Your Lifestyle

The Platform

The intersection of consumers, providers, & payers.


  • Fun learning, flexible care, fantastic rewards.
  • Increased awareness & accuracy for preventative & prescriptive care.
  • Superior security. Uniquely encrypted.
  • Better experience, better quality, better life!


  • Distribute fun content, timely notifications & informative videos, reducing workflow.
  • Automated delivery of surveys, forms & updates.
  • Improve documentation of chronic disease, quality & patient satisfaction.
  • Communicate through multiple channels, coordinate & care for patients.


  • Coordinate with provider groups to improve workflow, quality, disease management & consumer satisfaction.
  • Streamline development of a healthier, happier consumer population.
  • Gather data, analytics & reimbursements.


Meet our caring, passionate and motivated TEAM.

What we do!

ThruHealth builds really cool consumer lifestyle and population health management software. Our team is passionate about providing our users a simple, comprehensive and rewarding roadmap towards healthier, informed, and rewarding lives. We streamline clinical workflow, management and compliance of chronic disease issues, quality measures and consumer satisfaction through preventative, predictive and empowered care.

How we do it!

ThruHealth is uniquely positioned to satisfy growing and complex consumer needs. Our team attaches meaningful consumer activities and tools to metrics and changing payment models payers and provider reimbursements are subject to. Our team has a deep background in behavioral science and consumer engagement, HEDIS star metric standards through the NCQA and payment model compliance. This knowledge is what creates an unparalleled experience and will continue to separate our clients from all others.

Who we serve!

Whether you’re a consumer who is seeking ways to live a more informed, self-activated and rewarded life or a payer/provider who wants to quickly and effectively manage patient populations to improve the quality of care delivered and a path to greater reimbursements, ThruHealth is the solution for you. We invite you to join with us and our partners!

Barret Newberry

Founder and President

Jim Newberry

Founder and CEO

Colin Hutchinson


Alex Cahana, MD


Grant Ni

Lead Architect

Tom Portegys, PhD

User Analytics Lead, AI, BI

Brian Ray

Dir. of Production & Entertainment

Charlie Heinrich

Sr. UI, UX Designer

Alex Leung

Full Stack Software Developer